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Sophie Bolton


The events of Sophie’s life have lit up her courage to forge a career in what she is most passionate about, DJing! Time and time again Sophie creates a dance floor that enables people to let go of inhibitions, be in the moment and have a lot of fun!!

Like many teenagers Sophie discovered partying and hedonism and all the pitfalls that entails. But thanks to joining a yoga class in SW London aged 17, she found wisdom and comfort in this practice and philosophy and still does to this day. A decade later, in 2009, she qualified as yoga teacher, teaching yoga to adults with typical needs and specialising in teaching classes to children with non-typical needs.

Sophie’s deep desire to ‘keep on dancing’ through life’s disruptions brought her to a much healthier form of dance self-expression in 2003. She discovered a modality called ‘5 Rhythms Dance’.  Alongside her yoga, this form of dance became her community and way of life.  In 2014 she trained in the States with Samantha Sweetwater, founder of Dancing Freedom, a practice informed by 5 Rhythms and Ecstatic Dance.  By 2017, Sophie was a full-time DJ and Dancing Freedom and Ecstatic Dance Facilitator.

Her ability to relate to people from all backgrounds with her sheer passion for delivering the joy of dance to the world means that Sophie has an incredible versatility to respond as a DJ and dance facilitator to different kinds of audiences. She feels the atmosphere of the dancers and is in her element when behind the decks, finding music that can inspire wild movement and joyful connectivity, whether for a wedding or an ecstatic dance event!

Born out of the pandemic, Sophie is also the founder of Dancing in Nature – a conscious dance practice that brings dance back to its natural roots, combining beautiful outdoor and indoor spaces, exquisite live DJ’d sound journeys and tender, deep-hearted vocal guidance to facilitate a uniquely elemental conscious dance experience





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