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friday night dance

ecstatic dance is a liberating, alcohol-free experience where there are no choreographed steps and no expectations—only pure, unbridled self-expression


come as you are, move as you feel

as the DJ weaves a tapestry of eclectic beats, soulful melodies and deep  bass, let the dance emerge as it may...

weekly from friday 29th september, 2023


@mycelium space

the station, frome

BA11 1RE


19:00-19:30: arrivals, tea, open floor for movement/warming up

19:30: opening circle and dance

21:30: closing circle, tea, chill

£12 regular

£15 abundant

£10 concession 

we have an amazing lineup of DJ's coming to grace our town: 

Lily BlueSophie BoltonGlorious, Gaia Harvey Jackson, 

Roisin Green aka FOX S£XBilly BlanksMatthew AdamsZoë Phoënix


no shoes

no alcohol

smoothies and energy balls available!

what is ecstatic dance?

Ecstasy (from Ancient Greek ἔκστασις ékstasis) is a subjective experience of total involvement of the subject, with an object of his or her awareness. In classical Greek literature it meant the removal of the mind or body "from its normal place of function."

​venue capacity: 40

we expect these events to be popular so book ahead to avoid disappointment

if the event does not sell out we will sell tickets on the door 

to join the WhatsApp group for live updates and announcements please email fromecontact(at)

Facebook event

ψυχή + δῆλος

psukhḗ + dêlos

“mind, soul” + “manifest, visible”



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