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Carrie Tree and Kusni Love

Concert at Mycelium Space in Frome

Sunday 3rd December 7-10pm


A deep & uplifting journey of musical poetry for mind, body & soul.

Join us for an evening of heart-opening music as Winter arrives, set in the beautiful new Mycelium Space in Frome.

There will be hot drinks & snacks available, as we cosy up and sink into a gentle, & nourishing musical journey.
Please bring something cosy like a cushion or sheepskin to sit on. We will have a limited number of chairs available.

✫ After a full summer of festivals and ceremonies, these 2 musicians come to Frome to bring their soulful songs of story, insight, rhythm and rhyme, weaving their love, connection and magic.
With voices, harmony, guitars, flute, percussion.

Inviting some inward reflection space, some moments to all sing together, & some celebration to dance the winter in!

Doors open at 7pm. Music starts 7.30pm



j u l i u s   w a y      

d r e a m w a l k i n g   f o l k   m u s i c


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I also play live music for Contact Improvisation dance jams

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