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Winter Warmer CI Weekend with Hugh and Zoë

8-10 December 2023

This is our 3rd year running this event and we are delighted to welcome Hugh and Zoë back to Frome to share their new material with us.

Details and tickets here:

Contact Improvisation (Saturday/Sunday):

These workshops will be a deep dive into contact improvisation fundamentals: connection, weight-sharing/bearing, listening, flow, play, presence. 

We will have workshops by day and jams in the evening.


Axis Syllabus (Friday only):

The Axis Syllabus is an educational perspective and reference system for human movement that is assembled, revised and tested by a growing international network of dancing researchers and was initiated in the mid 90’s by the american dancer, teacher, author and choreographer Frey Faust.

The knowledge and methods draw from several fields of research including biomechanics, anatomy, physics, western medical sciences, physiology, anthropology and an expansive collection of empirical knowledge.


1 2 1   s e s s i o n s  


In a 121 session we can explore whatever you are curious about in CI.


We move together and see what emerges. If I notice an area I feel drawn to include, I will offer it. Equally if there's something specific you want to work on, we can go into it. 

Suitable for beginners to intermediate level.

£25/hour / 0.00109809btc/hour

£15/30 mins / 0.000658855btc/30 mins

If you are drawn but finance is a barrier, please get in touch.

Contact fromecontact(at)

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